Why Callgistics is Different

Callgistics combines the latest call recording and tracking technology, along with a proprietary training and accountability program facilitated by our team of experts to deliver our clients targeted results in a way that no other company provides.

Data Driven Training

Callgistics training focuses specifically on your employees’ actual performance, not just theory and philosophy.  Our program will reach results faster than programmed training systems as we pinpoint the specific areas that need improvement and focus on training and coaching specifically in those areas.  We give real life examples that your employees can relate by listening to your actual calls.  Our system has proven to show significant results immediately.

We not only train your employees but also coach your management to provide guidance in between our training and accountability sessions.

Continuous Improvement Programs

Callgistics is not a short term or one time use program.  We designed Callgistics to be your teams coach for Telephone Quality Assurance and have developed our programs specifically for continuous improvement and growth.

We have systems that grade your employees and provide report cards with feedback for continuous improvement, maintaining a record of their ongoing scores and performance.

If an employee is starting to drop in performance, there is a system built in to correct the errors and get them right back on track.

System of Accountability

Callgistics system of accountability, together with your management team’s support, creates a culture that demands excellence and rewards performance.

Many times within organizations managers struggle with maintaining accountability programs because of their vast array of responsibilities and the time and effort that it take to accumulate and analyze the necessary information to hold the team accountable in meaningful and accurate ways.  With Callgistics, it is our job and focus to keep the accountability programs and information necessary to hold each team member to the expected performance levels.  Your managers need only to commit to join our monthly accountability meetings and follow up with our recommendations Callgistics will do the rest.

Quantitative & Qualitative Metrics

Many Call Center Quality Assurance programs will focus on the quantifiable metrics such as duration of call, number of missed calls, number of calls taken, region call came from, and marketing source of call.  They then develop Key Performance Metrics around these quantifiable metrics.  The problem with this system is usually that it will create misaligned incentives for the phone team.

If your goal is efficiently answered customer questions, you may require that the call is a certain maximum length, but that metric alone does not ensure that the agent addressed the customer needs nor does it confirm that the phone agent maintained the standards of your brand through the calls.

Our system uses quantitative data, but also takes into account qualitative data directly from the recorded customer calls.  We use the call information then customize the measurement of Key Performance Indicators using Quantitative and Qualitative data.  This process takes more time to garner and analyze, but the amount of insights you receive to drive quality customer care and to monitor the true performance of the team will pay back in dividends with Customer Satisfaction, Improved Sales, and increased Lifetime Value of your Customers.

Actionable Insights across the Organization

Callgistics translates customer complaints and comments into actionable insights directly from your customer conversations.  We then aggregate the comments to present them to your management for sharing across your organization, not only to the call center.  These insights can help to cross the barriers presented by company silo’s and deliver information across the board when collaborating and shared with the senior management.

Fair and Reasonable Resolutions

Preventing escalations and negative social media comments that resulted from your phone team by offering fair and reasonable resolutions that help your employees to handle a complaint like a pro.  With our experience and program, we can help your team to feel empowered to take care of the customer on their first call and not leave them waiting for a basic resolution from a manager or supervisor.  Your team will be well-trained and empowered to listen, empathize and provide resolution to your customer complaints and provide the service your customer was seeking.

Culture that Sustains Lifelong Customers

The net results of our program is that together we will create a culture that sustains Lifelong Customers.  Through our program, you receive actionable insights to develop consistency and accountability with your team.  Consistency and accountability maximizes your team performance with regular training and clear set expectations for performance.  Studies and experience show that when you provide meaningful employee training and systems of accountability that acknowledge great performance the result is increased employee satisfaction.  When your employees are happy, your customers will receive better service and this results in happier customers.  When your customers are happier, they buy more, return more often to purchase from you and turn into Loyal and Lifelong Customers.


Callgistics is the right hand to your Call Center management team, taking care of so many of the details that take up too much time from your regular staff and management.  We have developed systems that cut the cost of the monitoring your team which allows us to provide these services at a price that is much lower than you could achieve if you tried to provide this service on your own, and a fraction of what you would be losing with unsatisfied customers.