Callgistics offers a variety of services that are built to scale for any size organization.  Whether you are a small business with only a few people answering customer calls, to a large Fortune 500 company that needs the next competitive edge in providing an amazing customer experience, Callgistics has a solution for you!

Some of the services we offer include:


Cloud based call recording

Inbound & Outbound Call Recording

Call Results Tagging

Marketing Campaign Tracking

Marketing Informatics

Custom Reports

Securely Email Recordings

HIPPA Compliant

No Extra Hardware

Set up in less than 24 hours

Quality Assurance

Call Monitoring

Call Center Quality Assurance (QA)

Phone Team Quality Assurance (QA)

First Call Resolution

Escalation Prevention Program

Customer Service Audits

Sales Call Auditing

Call Results Tagging

Performance Accountability

Secret Shoppers

Sales & Marketing Optimization

Targeted individual and team training

Phone Sales Training

Ongoing Coaching & Mentoring

Individual Agent Scorecards

Call monitoring for improved sales

Call tagging with sales results

Marketing Campaign Tracking

Marketing Campaign ROI



Employee Selection & Recruiting

Employee Recruiting

Write advertisement and list open positions

Candidate Screening

Skills Testing for:

  • Customer Service
  • Sales
  • Administrative

Background Checks

Present only the most qualified candidates

See the descriptions below  and find the Callgistics package that is best for you!

Or view our Side by Side Plan Comparison to review the features of each plan:  

Callgistics Detailed Plan Comparison

First Call Resolution, Call Monitoring, Phone Sales Training, Call Center Audit Program

Listen Package:

Software Only Package

You want to listen to your customer service and sales calls and track the marketing campaigns that are driving your best customers.  You want the ability to rate your team performance and know at a detailed level how your team is performing.  You are serious about your customer service and phone sales experience and want the data to know how to make it even better.  You want visibility to your customer service and sales calls and want to know what is going right and what needs to improve.

Callgistics Detailed Plan Comparison


Analyze Package:

Software + Analytics Package

You love the ability to listen to your teams calls, but do not have the time to listen to all of the calls.  You want to know where the trouble points are and what areas need coaching and training.  You want Callgistics to monitor, rate, and audit your calls.  You want Callgistics to notify you of the best and worst calls so you may coach your team.  You want Callgistics to send the key reports to your inbox on a regular basis.  You want to get key information quickly so you can get back to running your department or business.  You want to deliver a world class customer experience, know how to maximize the sales conversion rates of your team and receive marketing campaign ROI data to optimize your marketing dollars, without spending your valuable time to extract this information.

Callgistics Detailed Plan Comparison


Convert Package:

Complete & Customized Program

Software, Analytics, Training, & Accountability

You love the ability to listen to your teams calls, receiving detailed data on team performance, and knowing each marketing campaigns ROI.  You appreciate Callgistics listening to your calls, tagging and scoring your team performance and sending customized reports directly to your inbox, but  you need even more!  You know how important the customer experience is to your overall sales, profitability and long-term success.  Your team needs a structured customer service program and the accountability to stick with the program.  You want a professional coach to come in and develop a customized and complete program to bring your business to the customer service hall of fame!

Callgistics Detailed Plan Comparison

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