Hiring Services Introduction

Your company is growing, energy levels are high but so are tensions, there is more work than you can handle and now your boss informs you that you are approved to hire a new team member!  The initial feeling of relief and excitement runs through you and then your relief turns to dread, now you have to find this new employee!  How will you possibly do a great job evaluating a new team member when the hiring process is practically a full time job until you find the new team member?

This is where Callgistics Recruiting comes in.  We are not the typical recruiting company.  Because of our hands on experience coaching and training your front line teams, we know what it takes to select and create a winning team.

We know the right combination of experience, skills and personality that are required to bring peak performance in sales, customer service and administrative roles.  We do not send you resumes of people who have the list of skills you are requesting, we go through the entire hiring process while evaluating and testing your candidates until the final selection phase.  We are your partner for selecting your next key team member.

Callgistics Recruiting Process

Step 1 – Client Interview:

We start with a video interview to get to know you and your organization.  Through the client interview process, we will learn about the position and your organization and then construct an advertisement and plan tailored specifically for your new position.

Step 2 – Advertisement & Resume Screening:

We will advertise in multiple places and review all of the resumes submitted.  The resumes that look like a match for the position will go through the initial screening process of a phone interview and review of their social media accounts.  This process is to identify any red flags and to eliminate candidates that are not a fit early in the process.

Step 3 – Candidate Testing & Evaluation:

The next step is testing and evaluation.  In this step, the candidates that made it through the initial screening then go through testing on skills that are relevant to the position you are hiring.  We have focused tests developed for the following positions:  Customer Service, Sales, Patient Care Coordination, Administration, Financial and/or Management.  These tests are key to our process and truly get to the core of the candidates capabilities.  The candidate skills measurement is not possible through the traditional interview only process.

Step 4 – Executive Video Interview:

If the candidate meets the skills requirements for the position then they will have a video interview with one of our Executive Level Consultants.  This interview will be another elimination process to look for reasons not to move forward with the candidate and to identify the top candidates.

Step 5 – Client meets the Top 3 Candidates:

It is only after we have gone through all of the steps that you will meet with candidates.  We will send you the top three candidates for you to interview.  Most of the time there is a good match in the first three, but if you would like to evaluate more candidates then we take your feedback on what was not a good match with the initial group and find candidates that are a better fit for your organization.


It takes about 80-120 hours of our team member’s time to go through all of the steps and properly select someone for a given position.  If you were to spend the time that it takes to do this thorough process, your business would suffer unless you have someone whose full time job is to hire.  Most small to mid-size businesses do not have the need or budget to keep this expertise in-house.  Unfortunately, if you do not take the time to properly, evaluate for your position you may be stuck with an employee who is not a good fit for a very long time – costing you on productivity, team morale and profitability.  Neither of these scenarios are ideal.  That is why we have created Callgistics Recruiting.  For one flat rate price we will do all of the work and let you do the final selection.  Callgistics has mastered the Art of the Hire through years of experience and hundreds of positions filled.  We bring the expertise and disciplined process necessary to help you find your next star performer.