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E-Mail:  cmiller@callgistics.com



1- How do I get started with Callgistics?

Our first step will be a complimentary 30 minutes phone consultation with our Customer Experience Specialist (call us or e-mail to set up). During the consultation, we will learn about your company and understand your needs. At that time then we will recommend the best program based on your companies needs and requirements. We can have you set up as early as the next business day!

2- When can I expect to see meaningful data?

The first day that you are using the system will supply data on your calls, sources and team performance. The longer that you are collecting data, the more meaningful the information will become. You will be able to see trends, changes in performance of team members, and effectiveness in your marketing campaigns.

3- Am I able to change programs once I have started?

The simple answer is yes, but in the Premier and All-Inclusive Programs, we do have minimum periods for the programs because of the customized and sequential nature of the programs.

4- Will I have access to my data all the time?

Yes! You have access to your data and dashboard 24/7.

5- Are you HIPPA and PCI Compliant?



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