Commitment to the customer experience starts at the top of the organization. It starts with an unwavering commitment to making the tough decisions that ultimately support your customer and employees. It takes the perspective of asking what we can do for our customer, not what can we get from our customer.

Cassandra J. Miller

President & Co-Founder of Callgistics


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Call Center/Phone Team Manager

Know your individual team member sales conversion rates and customer service score through our dashboard

Training and Accountability programs built to support the Call Center Manager & drive increase sales results

Listen to live calls to give instant feedback, great for training new employees and taking customer care to the next level.

Receive Complete scorecards for your team members to help you identify you’re A+ players and the team members that are not performing

Get alerts when certain keywords are said on a call to allow you to immediately provide coaching to team members

Call routing system to send specific calls to the agents you choose.  Segment by Customer Service Calls and Sales Calls

Route customer calls to the same agent to provide continuity of service.

Complete program designed to support your team and drive performance that will develop lifelong customers


Marketing Manager/Agency

Know up to the minute which campaigns are making the phone ring

Know which campaigns are driving customers that are making purchases

Receive support on training phone team to close more sales, thus improving the ROI of your campaigns and your value to the organization

Get detailed information that is correlated with Google Analytics and Google Ad Words to know which keywords are working.

Know the difference between organic, social and paid leads conversion rates and the resulting sales.

Ability to see all of the data to make necessary adjustments with your copy and campaign results

Complete program to guide your marketing decisions and increase the ROI on your marketing efforts

Business Owners/Leaders

Increase sales conversion rates to significantly increase revenues and customer retention.

Know the places that you should invest more money and places to stop your investment of marketing dollars

Receive input on areas to improve your operations through analysis of customer calls and feedback

Over time collect data and baseline measurements to create performance benchmarks.

Receive call center and marketing team results ranked and audited by an outside unbiased third party to give you visibility and the unbiased and unfiltered performance feedback.

Access to hiring team that has a track record hiring A+ players; recruit, assess and select,  employees that will perform at the highest levels.

Receive customer surveys on your phone teams performance on a regular basis.

Complete program to drive an amazing customer experience, limit marketing waste, develop lifelong customers and ultimately increase profitability.

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