“A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all”

Michael LeBoeuf, PhD

Customer Service Consultant, Marketing Informatics, Call Center Quality Analyst


Our mission is to build and support other businesses with a focus on developing lifelong customers for our clients.  We use information, analysis, training and accountability in the most meaningful ways to improve our clients marketing results, sales conversions, customer loyalty and ultimately profitability.   We are continuously innovating to find the next advantage for our clients; knowing every marginal improvement can have significant long-term impact.

“It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it.  If you think about that, you will do things differently.”  

Warren Buffett



Our founder, Cassandra Miller, consulted with small to mid-size businesses for over 15 years.  Through her experience, she found that one of the fastest and most effective ways that she brought significant ROI to her clients was by improving the sales conversion rates on new customer calls.  Over the years, she evolved her process and found that combining recording software and data analysis along with her training and coaching techniques brought significant changes to the call conversion rates, marketing campaign decision-making, customer loyalty, and her clients’ profitability.

Our co-founder managed Fortune 500 companies Customer Service and Technical Quality Control departments.  From his experience, he found that the customer service levels were sub-par in these giant organizations and the programs they had in place did little to affect the quality of the customer experience and retention.  He tried to make the changes within the organization, but the cultural dynamics did not allow for such a change.

When our co-founders combined their experiences they found that marrying the hands on experience of the consultant with the Fortune 500 processes and systems they had an amazing program that was unique, and drove significant, scalable, and repeatable results for their clients.  From their combined desires to grow and improve businesses through a focus on the customer experience and developing lifelong customers, we now have Callgistics.

Profitability driven from the Customer Experience



At Callgistics, we are working towards day when the majority of businesses understand the importance of serving the needs of their customers as their number one priority, knowing that taking care of their customers will grow and sustain their business with increased profits, customer loyalty, and employee morale.  We want to arm small to mid-size businesses with the data and guidance that only big corporations were able to garner previously.

We believe that through research and education more companies will understand that taking short cuts and increasing cost cutting strategies in the customer experience will only be to their detriment.  They will understand that providing excellent customer experiences requires someone who is passionate about the customer experience and familiar with the culture and language of the customer.

Businesses can no longer think that a poor customer experience will only influence the few people that your customer tells directly.  With the power of the internet and the significance of customer reviews, your customers now have a platform to tell everyone on the internet about their experience. A customer’s singular experience will be heard around the world and shaping potential customers’ perception of your brand.  With that kind of power, it is imperative to provide an experience that will allow your customer to tell a great story about your business.

Do the right thing for your customers and you will be rewarded with their trust, loyalty, respect and money.  Taking your customer experience to the next level examines the real worldview of issues today and provides specific and tangible tools for you to set your company apart from the competition.

At Callgistics we know there is a science and an art to delivering great customer experiences.  We have a laser focus on the science and art of this most important part of a business and are here to share our knowledge and deliver simple solutions to organizations to create focused customer experiences that result in increased revenue, reduced employee churn, increased customer loyalty, and long-term profitably, growth and success of the organization.

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