We help businesses and call centers prevent customer losses and help attract new customers with our unique call monitoring program.

By listening and analyzing your customer calls, we can properly train your telephone team for first call resolution, customer service, and phone sales while creating a culture that prevents customer runoff and ensures a steady stream of new business. Through our proprietary customer service audits, we provide quality assurance (QA) for your call center or telephone team.

The cost of our marketing informatics, quality assurance, and phone sales training programs are a small fraction of the expense required to both retain and acquire a new client.

Marketing ROI

Callgistics provides access to real time information on where your leads are coming from and which leads are converting to sales. Knowing when to stop a campaign and when to put more money towards it. Providing insights about your campaigns ROI so you can stop spending countless hours on spreadsheets and manual tracking processes and spend more time on growing your business.

Sales Conversion

You have a good sales team, how do you help them to become great? Callgistics system provides detailed information on your sales process, team performance, and the customer experience. Knowing what your team is doing right and what they can improve utilizing quantitative and qualitative data. This knowledge combined with training and accountability drives significant improvements in sales conversion rates. Some customers achieving over 30% increase in less than 3 months.

Training & Accountability

Once you have the data, what do you do with it? Callgistics data enabled and focused training programs utilize your data and our experience to bring your team performance to the next level. We do not train only the phone team; we train your management to continue with the coaching in between training sessions and continuously build the companies knowledge, performance and accountability.

Customer Experience

With Callgistics the customer experience naturally improves through our Premier and All-Inclusive programs. Together we will understand what the customers and employees are struggling with in your organization and work with management to find impactful solutions. Our data shows that over time we decrease employee turnover and improve employee morale, which in turn measurably improves the customer experience and evolves your customers into lifelong customers.

Profitability driven from the Customer Experience


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Customer Retention

“A 2% increase in customer retention has the same effect as decreasing costs by 10%”

Source: Leading on the Edge of Chaos,

Emmet Murphy & Mark Murphy

QA Call Center, Call Center Quality Analyst, porcentage11.fw

Spend More

“9 in 10 Americans are willing to spend more with companies they believe provide excellent customer service”

Source: 2010 Right Now Customer Experience Impact Report

Customer Service Audit, Call Center Audit Program, porcentage12.fw

Never Come Back

“96% of unhappy customers don’t complain, however 91% of those will simply leave and never come back”

Source: 1Financial Training Services

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Increased Cost

“It costs 6–7 times more to acquire a new customer than retain an existing one”

Source: Bain & Company

“Now You Can Improve Your Sales Conversions and Keep Customers Coming Back For More”

Increase Sales -- Improve Marketing ROI -- Enhance Your Customer Experience

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